WonderWorld Media Event

On April 5, I was an extended an invite to a WonderWorld Media Event! WonderWorld is a pop-up based around Alice in Wonderland, and was brought to Los Angeles after reaching success in New York. It had an open bar sponsored by Our/Los Angeles Vodka, which was one of my favorite touches, despite the fact that I don’t really drink. They also had Concerto provide macarons as a sponsor! Both sponsors brought really creative/yummy treats to the table (literally)! With the pop-up storm still moving through Los Angeles, it’s definitely true that WonderWorld has competition. 


When it came to the rooms, they definitely had those pop-up aesthetics! Big tea cups, a ball-room with a luminescent moon, and other Alice in Wonderland themed picture opportunities! Personally, I felt that the lighting was a bit harsh, so hopefully you know how to use lighting to your benefit! The moon room was definitely my favorite, as it was unlike any other pop-up I’ve been to.

To me, the best part of the event was simply the invite itself (Thanks Tiffany!). Around this time last year, I got invited to my first media event by my friend, Alex Siu! The only thing is, time around, I invited him with me! That media event spurred my blog, so it feels like everything came full circle within about a year.

Overall, WonderWorld is a super cute place! Lighting was a bit of an issue (on our point-and-shoot cameras), but it’s a fun and interactive space! Visit them here:

7080 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028

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