When Stuck in Limbo

Lately I’ve been feeling a little uncertain about my future and what it holds for me. I’m the kind of person that has the same schedule over and over and over again, at least until I get tired of it. For the past few months, I would go to school, come home, do homework, sleep and repeat; thrown in there were working shifts at a boba place and hanging out with people I love. Once I finished my fall semester at PCC, I found myself hired at yet ANOTHER boba place. I put in my two weeks and that was that. Only, that wasn’t it. My new job is taking their sweet time doing construction, and I’m out of work for God knows how long. I thought to myself, “girl, you are a bum.” I was sitting at home watching Hulu day after day and I felt like I was in limbo. I knew I had stuff lined up for myself, but in the present I felt so unproductive. When was I going to get my next paycheck? Where would the money be coming from? Should I have waited on getting my credit card? After panicking about money and uncertainty for about 48 hours, I finally stopped to think. “Things happen for a reason,” is a saying I tell everyone. It’s seriously true, if I wasn’t depressed last year then I wouldn’t have been able to come up and feel the success of overcoming conflict. If I wasn’t kicked out, I’d be going to a different school, probably car-less, and just miserable. When things don’t go your way, I think that something better is coming. I finally stopped and took my own advice and figured that if there was any time for me to be fucking up, ITS NOW. I’ll let the universe try me and break me down if it has to; although I really hope it doesn’t. Don’t forget: things happen for a reason. Your current situation is not your destination. Maybe I should take my own advice more often.

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