What I Learned in 2017

What a year… In 2017, I found myself going through the motions of life. I found that I wasn’t enjoying anything – I wasn’t happy. I was barely able to graduate, I felt unmotivated, and I felt lonely. After realizing all of this, I decided that this wasn’t the life I was meant to live.
  1. I was forced to move and found myself cutting off a substantial amount of people. Some I regret cutting off, because in reality I don’t have that many friends now; with others, I’m glad that I did something right. I took time to myself and gave time to people who genuinely loved me. Most importantly, I stopped wasting the time that every person demands and cherishes so much. I learned how to make use of my time. It’s easy for us to stand around and say “life is short,” but to understand it is something completely different.
  2. I blamed everyone for what the earth, gods, and whoever was in charge of life, threw at me. “I’d be happier if I had a life like theirs.”I didn’t want to turn things around for myself, point blank. It took years for me to realize that the situation doesn’t define the person. As long as you believe that you can do it, you will be able to achieve it. I don’t mean to sound like an old white guy life therapist but those are seriously the only words I can use to describe it. Use your time wisely and know that your life cannot change for the best overnight. Just keep working at it.
  3. It’s really rare for me to get a text message from one of my old friends asking to hang out. That’s because many of your friends aren’t permanent. And that’s okay. When you’re not constantly thriving off of others to make you happy, you create your own happiness. That’s not to say that company is bad – because it isn’t. But knowing that you are an independent person with thoughts and goals of your own is liberating.
  4. You don’t have everything figured out. Yes, it sounds mean, but I was depressed and seriously thought that my life was “all figured out.” There is always room for growth. I look at myself from 12 months ago and recall how much of a mess I was, even though I thought I knew what I was doing and where I was going. I couldn’t have imagined how much my life has derailed since then. I moved, a family member is terminally ill, I went from a student who barely graduated to a student in the honors program, friends are no longer friends, love, heartbreak, and the list goes on and on. Always seek out knowledge and discovery. Try your hardest for self-actualization. Cultivate and grow.
I know how much of a cheesy twitter account I sound like, but these things are what helped me figure out my life in the best way possible. 2017 was the year of change, and I’m hoping that 2018 is the year of benefit.

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