Founder of Shiba Beach Day

Worked in all aspects of founding this event/brand development/social media/event planning. Initially, I created this concept as a small get-together for my friends and I. Being the owner of two shibas, I wanted to curate an event that brought together shiba inus (and honorary shibas) and their owners. When I created this Facebook event in August 2018, it took social media by storm. From then until now, there has been a reach of 263.5k people. I currently manage the Facebook and Instagram pages. In addition, I am in charge of the event planning with my team. Some responsibilities include, but are not limited to: searching for sponsors; curating social media posts and updates; venue searching; and finding vendors.

September 2018 – Current

Overall statistics for the Shiba Beach Day Facebook from August of 2018 until now on February 2019. The following and reach are all organic as I never ran any advertisements for it. Sharing and selecting, “interested,” or “going” on the Facebook, were some options that increased reach.

January 2019 – February 2019

Statistics for reach and and event page views over the course of ~ 1 month. I boosted event update posts in late February while event planning.

I have plans to establish our first event in October 2019; in the mean time, I will be venue scouting, devising marketing strategies for crowdfunding (e.g. Kickstarters), vendor scouting, and brainstorming ideas for the itinerary.

Social Media Marketing Manager at OMG Marketing LLC

I curate and design social media postings for the OMG Marketing Co., a digital marketing agency that offers SEO, web design, and social media marketing. I currently manage their  Instagram and Facebook. I am currently in a testing phase, in which I gather and report analytics to find the best days/times to post. In doing so, I improve reach and interaction within the company, which then allows the owners to focus on lead generation and closing deals, while also increasing the traffic of clientele. Below is an example of content I’ve created (stock images edited with borders, partnered with creative and insightful captions, followed by relevant hashtags):

March 2019 – Current

OMG Marketing Co.’s main focus was to improve engagement organically. Since I have stepped to this position, I post 3x a week and offer response-provoking content. Engagement has gone up 48% since taking this position.

March 2019 – Current

OMG Marketing Co. had run several medial-budget advertisements. These paid ads had caused peaks (teal graph) in post reach. I am trying to replicate that organically through interaction and the proper use of hashtags/tags.

I’ve also worked with copywriting and copyediting the OMG Marketing Co. website. This wasn’t originally a part of the job, but as an English major with copywriting experience, I found that our website did not adhere to the best grammar. I proposed that I copyedit our website, as we offer the service of web design. I felt that our own website should reflect the same work that we put into others. The owners of the company admitted that they rushed through the site and would be happy to have me copyedit. Below is the proposal for corrections:

Social Media Marketing Intern at Snow Monster

Snow Monster is a wildly popular boba (bubble tea) company based in Los Angeles/Orange County. I Started at Snow Monster as a Front Team Member in August of 2017, but found myself applying to be their Social Media Marketing Intern, in which I was appointed to the position in February of 2019. I have several responsibilities, which are, but not limited to: brainstorming new ideas, such as story takeovers; communicating directly with the Social Media Manager; creating simple story graphics; shooting and editing product photos; creating and scheduling posts. 

Below is the Instagram account:

In addition to the previously mentioned, I also shoot and edit photos for the Snow Monster Instagram . These photos/edits follow the Snow Monster aesthetics and standards for postings. The pictures below are shot with my Sony Alpha 6300 and edited with Adobe Lightroom.

Virtual Assistant at

Started this position in 2016 as a high school student. I found myself highly interested in content creation and found leads/scheduled meetings with potential clients. This enabled my employer to reallocate his time into different and more demanding projects. In addition, I also created and scheduled months of social media content (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook) posts and advertisements. I curated the postings through a templated schedule on Google Docs, with images connected to a larger drive. 

Since this was a position from several years ago, I have no recorded analytics; however, all accounts grew from 300-1000 followers over the course of several months. 

Below are examples of my work, from varying accounts to actual content creation, whether they be press releases or social media posts.

Social Media Coordinator at Tankchella

Started this position in 2015 to reach out to the festival community. During this time, festivals and raves were coming into popularity, thus, the brand Tankchella was born. I managed the Tankchella Instagram account and grew the account to 650+ followers in the first 3 months. I attended meetings for content and design in order to keep myself in the loop regarding marketing plans.

Below is the Instagram account

Personal —

As someone who is completely enamored with reading and writing, I found that blogging could be my outlet. I often expressed my feelings to my friends, and writing to an audience is both liberating to me and helpful to my readers. Because of my blog, I’ve attended media events, such as the Milk & Eggs event in Los Angeles. As a young woman based in LA, I often find myself seeing opportunities I may not have had as a blogger. I relaunch my lifestyle blog in April 2019 and look forward to any opportunities that may come my way.

See above tabs to read about my blogger lifestyle.

Personal — @kyraqnguyen

Seeing that I’m just a student, I typically use my social media as an outlet for myself, while also having fun with what I post. On Instagram, I don’t have a set theme to follow, but rather, post sporadically depending on where I am/what I’m doing. I have 1.4k followers and I’m currently looking to expand my following while also establishing a consistent theme. I often model/base my feed around pictures of myself, as I would one day love to pursue my dream of being a social media influencer. 

Instagram feed is below:

Personal — @shibesibs

As a devout dog mom, I started a dog Instagram for my two shiba inus. I shoot their photos with a Sony Alpha 6300, and edit with Adobe Lightroom. This page was mostly for fun, but I have gotten some cool offers out of it. I threw a birthday party for my dog, Sesame, which was aptly named, “Sesame and Friends 2018.” I had the event sponsored by various brands, such as Pet Food Express and PetQwerks. In addition to this event, my pups have also been bandana models for small businesses like Borgin and Barks and Rufformation. Though their Instagram is mostly for fun, I’m nearing 1k followers on their page as well. 

Some pictures shot/edited by me: