Asian Boba Girl vol.1 – Simplee Boba

I only know a handful of people who don’t like boba; if you’re one of these people, I just have no idea what to tell you. A majority of people I know love boba and might even be addicted to it (I know I am). Being Asian American automatically means you’ll be hanging out at boba places with your friends, trying all of the different drinks, and even studying at your favorite spot. Some Asian Americans that loiter boba places are called ABGs . In this case, I have fallen a victim to the ABG lifestyle – I am an Asian Boba Girl. That’s not really what the acronym stands for, but for the sake of the blog/segment, that’s what it’ll be.

Welcome to my series, Asian Boba Girl, where I’ll be exploring various boba shops, cafes, dessert places, and more (this series is not just limited to boba!).

My first stop was to Simplee Boba, a South Pasadena boba shop with clean intentions! The interior is screaming for pictures; a red brick wall and potted plants cater to those with an eye for aesthetics. The owner, Edmond Yu, wanted Simplee Boba to be, well, simple! Edmond grew up in South Pasadena and felt that the opportunity to serve his own community was something he had to take. Serving a diverse community, Edmond hopes that Simplee Boba will be able to serve them for years to come. Their drinks looked and tasted spectacular; not only that, but they’re made with care. Edmond wants his drinks to be high quality; and his product shows just that. In this day and age, the demand for healthier options has skyrocketed, and for good reason! That’s why Simplee Boba uses simple ingredients and even offers almond milk (for free!) for you non-dairy people!

“I wanted to make our drinks out of natural and organic ingredients because your drinks should just be simple, pure, and delicious. I felt this would not only be healthier, but also tastier. Our ingredient list avoids artificial coloring and artificial flavoring. I can tell you that if you go into many of our competitors for a drink, more likely than not, your drink was made from a powdered or syrup-based form. Nothing in our store is made from ‘instant mixes’, our teas and coffee are brewed in the morning, and our boba is simmered to perfection.”

You heard it here first, folks. Simplee Boba is simple in all the right ways. While I was there, I got to try their “matcha macchiato,” which was delicious! Perfect consistency of boba and a good matcha flavor that some places lack. What makes it even better was knowing the high quality of the ingredients! I also got to try their matcha “bubble waffle” with vanilla ice cream and unlimited toppings! Although bubble waffles are a pretty traditional Asian dessert, they’ve been very “in.” The texture of the bubble waffles PLUS the contrast between warm waffle/cold ice cream was heaven; I’d totally recommend this. All in all, my message would be to SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES! Edmond cares a lot about the quality of his drinks and this quaint store in the city shows it all.

Simplee Boba 954 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA 91030 | (626) 8172622

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Milk and Eggs

Wow. Who would’ve thought I’d be going to my first media event as an “influencer” in the first two weeks of 2018? Of course I have to give a quick shout-out to my friend Alexander Siu for passing on the invite! Upon invite, I sought out information about the event. Milk and Eggs was a fresh food delivery service that was collaborating with The Container Yard, an art venue in downtown LA. The event would have complimentary drinks/food as well as art installations – food and art are never a bad thing. Even though I tried to do some research, I was still going in blind.
Despite the feeling of being unprepared, this place went above and beyond my expectations! The collaboration between Milk and Eggs x The Container Yard really created an amazing time. In the last couple of months I’ve become more and more intrigued by pop-up art, so this was no different. The “Fresh Art Fair” installations put up by The Container Yard were amazingly cute. Not only this, but Milk and Eggs brought in their own vendors who passed food and snacks out the entire event. I honestly wish I took more pictures but I think I was so enamored by everything that I forgot to. I had been served by brands such as Boxed Water, Domenico’s Foods, Forager Projects, and Stumptown Coffee. The event really praises organic foods that are sourced from farm to table. I’ll admit that I didn’t really understand the importance of healthy foods and knowing where they come from. Ultimately, the event was such a fun time – good food, good people, and good vibes. I’m really glad I got to attend this event as my first media/influencer event!
Milk and Eggs so graciously blessed all of the influencers with a $50 voucher to their store, so of course I have to write about their services as well! After attending the event, I realized how good it is to be aware of the food you’re eating. For example, Forager Project makes chips out of pressed vegetables (think of the leftovers you get after juicing a vegetable); it may sound strange but they were ridiculously good. In fact, the chips were so good that I bought two bags off of! Milk and Eggs has a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as dairy items, meats, and snacks; after ordering online, your order is delivered for FREE (in LA/OC) as soon as the next day. If you’re interested, you can use the code “kyra” for $15 off purchases of $35 or more. This is such a good option for people whotake forever in grocery stores like I do. Plus what grocery store is gonna give you a discount like that at a quality like this?! Probably no where! Now let me rave about my order. I got two trays of Domenico Food’s ravioli (1 cheese/1 porcini); after having it at the event, I talked about it for like two days. I am more than excited to eat those. I also got two bags of Forager Project’s organic pressed vegetable chips in Chipotle BBQ and Wasabi. Add in two bottles of Better Booch’s kombucha in Rose Bliss and Ginger Boost mostly because I wanted to be a basic California girl. I also purchased a bottle Broguiere’s Chocolate Whole Milk because the bottle was really cute and who doesn’t like chocolate milk? Also there’s a bag of Chile Smoked Almonds from AG Standard just as a little add-on to my order.
In the end I’m happy that I not only attended my first media event, but I also learned
something new. It really is important to support local businesses, especially when they give out better quality at a better price. There’s a stigma of organic/healthy foods being much more expensive, but Milk and Eggs is seriously affordable. People always say millennials are lazy but hey, fresh food right at your doorstep for 50% of the regular grocery store price? I’d call that innovative! Remember, use the code “kyra” for $15 off purchases of $35 or more on and don’t forget that delivery is free to LA and OC! Shop local and sustainable!
Brands Mentioned:
  • Better Booch – Kombucha isn’t my cup of tea (get it?), but this is definitely one of the more flavorful/smoother kombuchas I’ve tried!
  • Boxed Water – Water in a cute box, which is good for the environment.
  • Broguire’s Dairy – Rich chocolate milk in a cute glass bottle (also good for the environment)
  • Domenico’s Foods – Ravioli that I thought about for days! I recommend the porcini ravioli – you’re welcome.
  • Forager Project – Delicious chips (and other products) made with good ingredients; even better is the message behind the brand.
Special Thanks:
  • Milk and Eggs – Thank you for throwing such a delicious and fun event! It’s amazing to see all of the farm to table goodness you guys bring.
  • The Container Yard – Thank you for adding such cute/lively art to Downtown LA. Not only in this event but all the time!
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